Easy Homemade Chocolate Chips 

homemade Chocolate Chips

"Imagine the joy of baking a batch of cookies packed with your very own chocolate chips, each bite bursting with freshness and personalized taste. Or, picture yourself indulging in a handful of these melt-in-your-mouth delights as a guilt-free (okay, mostly guilt-free) afternoon snack."

Easy Homemade Chocolate Chips


125 grams dark compound chocolate (or chocolate of your choice)


  1. Melt the Chocolate:
  • In a double boiler setup, heat water in a bowl.
  • Place another bowl with the dark compound chocolate over it. Ensure the bowl doesn't touch the water.
  • Once the water starts to boil, turn off the flame.
  • Melt the chocolate completely. Be cautious not to overheat; it may become stiff.

2. Cooling the Chocolate:
Allow the melted chocolate to sit for 5 to 7 minutes. This ensures better piping consistency.

Easy Homemade Chocolate Chips

3. Prepare Piping Bag:

  • Take a piping bag or use a stiff plastic sheet.
  • If using a plastic sheet, cut a small portion at the end of the plastic sheet to create an opening, similar to the tip of a piping bag.

4. Piping Chocolate Chips:

  • Start piping small chocolate chip shapes onto a butter paper or any suitable surface.
  • Avoid using a piping tip to have control over the chocolate's consistency.
  • If the chocolate sets while piping, use your finger or a toothpick to shape the tips.

5. Chilling:
Place the piped chocolate chips in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes until they set.

6. Final Touch:
Once set, carefully remove the chocolate chips from the surface. They should come off easily.

Easy Homemade Chocolate Chips

7. Storage:
Store the homemade chocolate chips in an airtight container in a dry place. If it's warm, you can refrigerate them.

Get creative and enjoy incorporating your homemade chocolate chips into various recipes like brownie, cookies , cakes , etc...!

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