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Alphabet Set 64 Characters – Upper and Lower Case | BSI 697

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BakeGuru® Peacock Design Silicone Fondant Cake Decorating Mat | BSI 529A

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Fondant Ribbon Cutter | bsi 708

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Discover Perfectly Molded Chocolates: Our Silicone Molds Guide

Are you searching for versatile silicone chocolate molds that turn your homemade treats into culinary masterpieces? Look no further than BakeGuru®! Our silicone chocolate molds are designed to elevate your baking experience with ease and precision. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, these molds are perfect for crafting chocolate delights that impress every time.

Why Choose Our Silicone Chocolate Molds?

At BakeGuru®, we prioritize quality and innovation in every product we offer. Our silicone chocolate molds are crafted with durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and easy cleanup. With a variety of designs and shapes, including round molds and heart shapes, you can create chocolates that are as unique as your imagination.

Table: Our Qualities of the Product

Qualities Description
Unique and Descriptive Content We provide unique descriptions that highlight the distinctive features of our silicone chocolate molds, ensuring you receive accurate and detailed information.
Detailed Information Each mold’s size, color, material (silicone), dimensions, and weight are clearly outlined to assist you in making an informed decision.
Benefits and Features Our molds facilitate easy chocolate making with their non-stick surface, allowing you to create flawless chocolates effortlessly.

Transform your baking adventures with BakeGuru®’s silicone chocolate mold. Elevate your creations with molds designed for simplicity and quality. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, our molds ensure perfect results every time.


Are silicone mold good for chocolate? 

Silicone mold are ideal for chocolate because they are flexible, which makes it easy to release the chocolates without breaking them. They also have a non-stick surface that ensures smooth removal and preserves the shape of intricate designs.

Do silicone molds need to be greased for chocolate? 

Generally, silicone mold do not require greasing for chocolate. The non-stick properties of silicone usually allow chocolates to release easily. However, if you’re using highly detailed molds or are concerned about sticking, a light coating of cocoa butter or oil can help.

How do you keep chocolate from sticking to silicone molds? 

To prevent chocolate from sticking to silicone mold, ensure the molds are clean and dry before use. If needed, lightly grease the molds with cocoa butter or a neutral oil. Proper tempering of the chocolate also helps in easy release.

Does chocolate come out of silicone mold?

 Yes, chocolate easily releases from silicone mold due to their flexible and non-stick nature. Gently flexing or tapping the mold helps to release the chocolates cleanly without damaging their shape.

How long does it take for chocolate to set in a silicone mold?

 The time it takes for chocolate to set in a silicone mold depends on factors such as the thickness of the chocolate, ambient temperature, and the type of chocolate used. Generally, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours for chocolate to fully set in a silicone mold. Placing the molds in the refrigerator can speed up the setting process.